Frequently Asked Question

Biasanya sih user nanya hal hal dibawah ini.

1. What is Portofolio?

Portofolio is a platform where newbie investors and expert traders meet and collaborate.

2. What kind of field does Portofolio work into?

Investment marketplace and social trading.

3. How to make an Account in Portofolio?

Go to our website and choose “create account” then complete the requirements.

4. Can I use my own broker preference?

Yes, you can.

5. If I’m new to this, which Broker should I follow?

It’s up to you. But we advise you to choose brokers who were regulated in your country.

6. Is Portofolio tied to other brokers?

Not, we are just a social trading platform.

7. How many Broker have you collaborate with?

Currently, we collaborate with 10 brokers.

8. How to link my account to the trading platform?

First, you need to make Portofolio account, then….

9. How long does it take to open a new account with my own broker preference which your company haven’t collaborate with?

As long as you have.

10. Can I open my account in other currency other than USD?

Depends on the Brokers.

11. What is a “lot” in trading terms?

A Forex lot is a trading term used to describe the size of a trading position in Forex with reference to a standard of 100,000 units of the base currency.

12. Can I trade manually?

Of course you can.

13. Is creating a profile in Portofolio, free?

Yes, it’s free.

14. How can I become a follower?

Once you have an account, you can search some master traders and you can click “follow” on their profile.

15. How can I become a master trader?

Register your account by click “be a master” on your profile.

16. What is our trading hours?

Trading hours is 24/5 days.

17. What is Copytrade?

Copytrade is a feature where your account automatically executed based on your master trader’s trades.

18. What is the benefit of following a trader and to do it manually?

You dont have to spare much time to analyze market, but you still can make a decision for execution.

19. I would like to follow a trader but I’m unsure of them, how can I test them first to see what they are capable off? What should I do in this case?

You can check their trade history on detail.

20. How do you rank the Traders in the Score list?

It’s based on consistency.

21. Can anyone become a master trader?

Yes, of course.

22. Do you offer an Educational support?

You can get education support by visit our education blog.

23. Can you prove that the information given by the Trader is true?

24. What is a “Pip” in trading terms?

The unit of measurement to express the change in value between two currencies is called a “pip”. If EUR/USD moves from 1.1050 to 1.1051, that .0001 USD rise in value is ONE PIP. A pip is usually the last decimal place of a quotation.

25. How much should I deposit into my account, if I were to follow an expert trader?

It depends on broker that you use.

26. How many traders can I follow?

27. Can I control my own risk?

Yes, of course.

28. Once I made an account, how do I know that I have become a user?

You will receive email verification and we will send you a message that u have become a user.

29. What is “Spread” in trading terms?

Spread is the difference between the buy quote and the sell quote. It is basically the earning of a broker. Brokers earn either through spread or commission.

30. How does the “Profit Share” System work?

The profit share is charged if only the followers gain profit from their master trader’s trade. If users were loss because follow the master traders, profit share is free.

31. If I become a trader what benefits would I received?

You will get profit share if your followers get the profit from your trades.

32. Will portofolio replace MT4 in the near future?

No, because we are only a social platform, not a trading platform.